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World War One - The War To End All Wars


Drama Never Surpassed
What Really Caused WW I ?
Timeline 1914
The Generals Of 1914
Battle of Liege and Alsace
Battle of the Frontiers - Lorraine and Ardennes
Battle of the Frontiers - Charleroi and Mons
The Retreat - Le Cateau and The Marne
The War at Sea 1914
Map of Forts at Liege
Map of Alsace-Lorraine
Muller and Emden
Favorite Links
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A special thanks to these web sites.

1.Battelfield Archaeology

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3.Trenches on the Web

4.Encyclopaedia of the First World War

5.Photos of the Great war

6.Eye Witness, History through the eyes of those who lived it

7.High Seas Fleet Home Page

8.The British Army in the Great War

9.Prelude to World War I: Balkan Wars and Serbo-Albanian Relations

10. The Heritage of the Great War of 1914-1918

11.World War I Naval Combat