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Timeline 1914
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The Arch Duke

June 28,1914:
Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated by Serbian nationalist Gavrillo Principe, a member of the Black Hand terrorist organization

The Aassassin

July 10, 1914:
Viennese foreign minister Fredrich Von Wisner goes to Sarajevo to study investigation material and to examine the Serbian governments role in the assassination of the Archduke.

Seal of the Black Hand Terrorist Organization

July 13, 1914:
Von Wisner sends telegram back to Vienna, stating "There is nothing to show complicity of the Serbian government in the direction of the assassination or its preparations or in supplying of weapons. Nor is there anything to lead one to conjecture such a thing. On the contrary, there is evidence that would appear to show complicity is out of the question." Oddly enough, German authorities had also come to the same conclusion. Former Chancellor Von Bulow later wrote in his memoirs "Although the horrible murder was the work of a Serbian society with branches all over the country, many details prove that the Serbian government had neither instigated nor desired it."

July 28, 1914: Austria declares war on Serbia

Carefree French in first days of the war.

July 31, 1914:
Russia and Austria decreed the mobilization of there forces, while Germany sends ultimatum to Russia and France

First Miles March to Paris.

August 1, 1914:
Germany declares war on Russia

August 2, 1914:
Germany sends ultimatum to Belgium demanding free passage for her troops

August 3, 1914:
Germany declares war on France; Britain sends ultimatum to Germany to respect Belgian neutrality.

Evening August 4, 1914:
No satisfactory response is received from Germany. Britain declares war.

We have war in Europe!

Germans march near Liege

August 4, 1914:
Germany invades Belgium

Austrian Trrops Relax After Long March

August 6, 1914:
Austria - Hungary declares war on Russia. Serbia declares war on Germany

August 7, 1914:
British Expeditionary Force (BEF) arrives in France. France invades Alsace Lorraine.

August 12, 1914:
Great Britton declares war on Austria - Hungary. Austria invades Poland. Austria - Hungary invades Serbia.

August 13, 1914:
France declares war on Austria - Hungary.

August 14 , 1914:
Battle of the Frontiers

Serbian Troops on the Danube

August 16, 1914:
Germans take Belgian fortress city of Liege. Serbians defeat Austrians at Battle of Jadar.

August 17, 1914:
Russia invades East Prussia

Russian troops Mobilize for War

August 18, 1914:
Russia invades Galicia

Belgian Troops try Desperatly to Stop the German Advance

August 20, 1914:
Germany enters Brussels

August 22, 1914:
Battle of Mons.

Japanese Troops in Action Near Kiaochow

August 23, 1914:
Japan declares war on Germany

August 26, 1914:
Battle of Tannenberg. Battle of Le Cateau.

August 28, 1914: Austria declares war on Belgum.

August 29, 1914: Russians invade Konigsberg.

August 30, 1914: Germans occupy French city of Amiens.

August 31, 1914: Germans defeat Russians at Tannenberg.

Summer turns to Fall and the war goes on.

Fall and Early Winter:

September 3, 1914: French Government moves from Paris to Bordeaux.

September 4, 1914: German Army takes French city of Rheims.

September 5, 1914: The Miracle at the Marne.

September 10, 1914: 1st Battle of Masurian Lakes.

September 14, 1914: French Army reoccupies Amiens and Rheims.

Rheims Cathedral being hit by German Artillery fire

September 20, 1914: Rheims cathedral hit by German shell fire.

September 24, 1914: Allies occupy Peronne.

September 29, 1914: Bombardment of Antwerp begins.

October 2, 1914: British Navy begins mining of North Sea.

October 6, 1914: Germans beat back Russians in Poland and Galicia.

October 9, 1914: Belgian Government moves to Ostend. Antwerp surrenders to Germans.

October 11, 1914: 1st Battle of Ypres begins.

October 13, 1914: British occupy Ypres.

October 14, 1914: Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) lands in Britain.

October 15, 1914: Germans take Ostend. Belgian Government moves to La Havre, France.

October 21, 1914: German Army forced to retreat from Warsaw.

November 1, 1914: German and British Naval engagement at the Battle of Coronel. Russia declares war on Turky.

November 5, 1914; Great Britain and France declare war on Turky.

November 9, 1914: H.M.A.S. Sydney defeats S.M.S. Emden.

November 11, 1914: 3rd Austrian attempt to invade Serbia fails.

November 22, 1914: British take Basra.

December 2, 1914: Austrians take Belgrade.

December 3,1914: Serbian Army forces Austria out of Serbia.

December 4, 1914: Naval engagement between British and German cruisers at the Battle of the Falkland Islands.

December 14, 1914: 1st Battle of Champagne.

December 16, 1914: German cruisers bombard Hartlepool, Scarborough, and Whitby on the east coast of England.

December 18, 1914: Egypt becomes British protectorant.

German and British Celebrate Christmas Truce

December 25, Christmas day 1914: Informal Christmas truce between German, British, and French troops along the front. Infamous soccer match between "Tommy and Fritz". "Fritz" won 3 goals to 2.

The bitter cold of winter turns 1914 into 1915 and the war goes on.